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Studies / Studies and publications / 23-10-2019

Wind Energy Market Outlook 2019-2023

WindEurope has recently published the "Wind Energy Market Outlook 2019-2023", which Futura Electricity contributed to.

Among the main points:

  • Europe could install 90 GW of new wind power capacity in the next five years if governments achieve the goals of the PNIECs. This would allow Europe to reach 277 GW of total installed wind capacity by 2023;
  • However, if the Plans are not ambitiously pursued and important permitting restrictions are not resolved, Europe will install only 67 GW, 26% less than in the central WindEurope scenario. In fact, significant problems on the authorization side are already leading to undersubscribed auctions (in particular in Germany) and lower than expected installation rates;
  • By 2023, Italy is expected to install approximately 5 GW of additional wind capacity according to WindEurope estimates in an ambitious development scenario.





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