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Eventi e Formazione

Eventi e Formazione / Eventi / 22-05-2017

Europe's changing energy markets: transition to new realities

Organizzato da Politico, il convegno traccerà le linee dei cambiamenti politici e regolamentari nel settore elettrico

The European energy sector is undergoing a massive transformation. Decarbonizing the economy by 2050 will require huge efforts by energy companies and policymakers to achieve the goals of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to net zero while ensuring competitive and secure energy supplies. In particular, integrating greater amounts of energy from renewable sources into the energy market will require significant investment by power and transmission companies.

To that end, the European Commission recently put forward a winter package including proposals on how to overhaul electricity markets, go about energy support schemes, empower consumers and increase the bloc’s energy savings target from 27 percent to 30 percent by 2030. And the EU aspires to cut emissions up to 95 percent by 2050.

However, the new policy framework also needs to stimulate innovation in new technologies such as smart grids which can improve energy use management for consumers and businesses. Digitalization of the energy distribution network can give energy users the chance to play a more pro-active role in the energy market with the possibility of becoming suppliers in a decentralized power system.

This event will bring together senior EU and national policymakers, business representatives and energy market analysts for a frank debate about the challenges for the energy sector. It will address the changing market realities and policy challenges facing governments and regulators.

Questions to be addressed include:

  • Is the Commission Winter package going in the right direction?
  • What will the reality look like between now and 2050?
  • How to practically manage the transition towards more electrification of energy and heating systems?
  • How to better integrate consumers in the energy market?




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